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myOTTOBRE stories

Thank you to everyone who participated in our myOTTOBRE campaign!

To mark our 20th anniversary, we announced an international myOTTOBRE campaign in order to hear from our readers. We invited you to share your sewing story with us and the entire OTTOBRE community. We received an astonishing amount of lovely pictures, inspiring stories and encouraging messages from our customers all around the world. Our magazine would be nothing without its joyful community, and we thank each and every one of the participants for sharing their story with us.

We want to further share the creativity of the rewarded participants with you! We will be posting around twenty different and interesting stories on this page as well as our Instagram account (@ottobredesign) — although all stories would’ve been worth sharing! The entries are published in their original language, but we have written short summaries in English. The order of the entries is random, but we aimed at choosing a range of different participants from around the world, where they’re approaching sewing from their personal point of view. The small product prizes have been sent to our readers in February.

Let’s get inspired together!

Christiane, Germany

Talla, Luxembourg

Carolin, Germany

Gabija, Lithuania

Laura, United Kingdom

Jenni, Finland

Fanny, France

Christine, Canada / Finland

Ewa, Sweden

Tero, Finland

Ingeborg, Germany

María, Czech Republic

Myriam, France

Maira, Germany / Sweden

minttu_chocolate, Finland

Rebecka, Sweden

Paula, Finland

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