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Magazine subscriptions
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Acknowledgement of order
Delivery methods and times
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Please keep in mind the following important points:

  • When you take out a subscription or place an order, supply us with an email address that you use regularly. In addition to the acknowledgement of your order, we will send you other important messages regarding your subscription and invoicing.
  • Always check the acknowledgement of your order carefully! If you notice errors, contact our Customer Care immediately!
  • Notify us about name or address changes well in advance! Address information is sent to the mailing service about six weeks before the official publication date of the magazine. We will not re-send magazines if a customer has forgotten to notify us about an address change in good time.
  • If you have a continuous subscription, we will notify you about the start of a new subscription period by email. If you don’t want your continuous subscription to be renewed, remember to give notice of termination in good time!
  • Please pay your invoice promptly to ensure that you receive your magazine on time. Notice that non-payment of an invoice is not interpreted as your termination of the subscription.


Terms and conditions

1 General is the webshop of OTTOBRE design® magazine, published by Studio Tuumat Oy. The webshop sells annual magazine subscriptions, single issues of the magazine, sewing patterns and other inspiring, high-quality products.

OTTOBRE design® magazine is a celebration of a cute and cozy, yet up-to-date and modern, lifestyle. OTTOBRE design® provides a wonderful experience for the reader: it is both tempting and rewarding! Each magazine includes beautiful, trendy photos of the designs worn by models, as well as carefully written sewing instructions and reliable sewing patterns for the designs. In addition, we introduce in each magazine the latest fabrics and ideas in the sewing world and share with our readers the best how-to tips from sewing experts. OTTOBRE design® also makes professional sewing supplies available to home-sewers.

You can purchase products from the webshop without registering for the service. If you don’t register, your contact information is primarily used for delivering your order and for handling the payment transaction. Details of the purpose of the processing of personal data can be found in the description of the data file. You can purchase products either for yourself or as a gift to someone else. The person making a purchase must be at least 18 years old.

Contact information of Studio Tuumat Oy and the webshop:
Customer Care: | tel. +358 44 3250 403
Postal address: Laajakaista 3B, FI-96400 Rovaniemi, FINLAND

2 Magazine subscriptions

2.1 Annual subscriptions

2.1.1 General

You can order OTTOBRE design® pattern magazines from the online shop, where you will find both OTTOBRE kids and OTTOBRE woman issues. You can start your annual subscription at any point of the year and choose either the latest published issue or the next issue to be published as the starting issue.

You can subscribe to the magazine for yourself or as a gift for somebody else.

You can subscribe to the following language versions of the magazine: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Spanish and Swedish.

2.1.2 Subscription packages

For the year 2024, you can choose one of the following subscription packages:

Kids + woman = 3 issues: 2 kids + 1 woman (issues 1-3)
Kids = 2 issues: (issues 1 and 3)
Woman = 1 issue: (issue 2)

2.1.3 Subscription types

You can choose between a continuous subscription and a fixed-term subscription for one year (gift subscription).

  • A continuous subscription is our cheapest type of subscription. A continuous subscription is automatically renewed after the first subscription period and is invoiced once a year until you decide to terminate it. We will remind you about the start of a new subscription period by email about six weeks before sending a new invoice to allow you time to decide whether you want to continue the subscription.
  • A fixed-term subscription is an easy, convenient way of getting properly acquainted with the magazine. A fixed-term subscription is for one year and expires at the end of the paid subscription period without separate notice of termination. If you wish to change your fixed-term subscription to a continuous subscription, you can do this using our service form.

2.2 Single issue orders

Single issues – both the latest and back issues – of the magazine are available for purchase from our webshop. You can pre-order the latest issue before its official publication date.

You can order back issues of the magazine for as long as we have them in stock. Some of our most popular issues are occasionally reprinted.

If the language version of the issue you wish to order has been sold out, order one of the other language versions and, from the drop-down menu, specify which language you require for the sewing instructions. The sewing instructions will be provided as a PDF file and you will receive a link for downloading it with the acknowledgement of your order. Pattern sheets are identical in all language versions of the magazine.

2.3 Gift orders

You can also order the magazine as a gift for another person. A gift order can either be a fixed-term subscription for one year or an order for a single issue. Gift orders do not include free gifts for subscribers. The payer of a gift order will receive a link, together with the acknowledgement of the order, which will enable the payer to print out a gift card for the recipient of the gift.

3 Publication schedule

In the year 2024 OTTOBRE design® magazine is published as follows:

Issue Published
1 OTTOBRE design® kids children’s spring issue in January
2 OTTOBRE design® woman women’s spring/summer issue in March
3 OTTOBRE design® kids children’s summer issue in May


Studio Tuumat Oy reserves the right to change the publication schedule.

4 Payment

4.1 Prices and delivery charges

The prices and delivery charges of magazine subscriptions and other products in the webshop are displayed on the product description of each product. The prices of annual subscriptions are based on the price list that is valid at the beginning of the subscription period. The prices of single issues and other products are those that are visible on the webshop site at the time of ordering.

Prices and delivery charges are always expressed and invoiced in euros. The value added tax included in the product prices is specified in the receipt that is sent with the order. There are no delivery charges for digitally downloadable products.

4.2 Methods of payment in the webshop

The following methods of payment are available in our webshop:

  • Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard or American Express credit card (service provider in Finland: Nets Oyj).
  • PayPal account (service provider: PayPal Inc.).
  • Online bank transfer (service provider: PayTrail Oyj). This method of payment is only available in Finland.

After you have chosen the method of payment, our system will direct you to the website of the appropriate service provider, where you can make the payment. It is important that after making the payment you return to the webshop and confirm your order to ensure that your payment will be correctly recorded in the webshop system. After confirming your order, the webshop will automatically send an acknowledgement of the order to you.

We use a secure, internationally-recognized SSL-encrypted payment system for credit card transactions and participate in the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode authentication schemes. Authentication services have been developed by international credit card associations and banks in order to further improve the security of payments on the Internet. During the process of paying for your purchase you are directed to your card issuer’s website to confirm your payment with your password. When you use this service, you can be sure that nobody will have unauthorized access to your card details and that both the purchaser and the online store can be reliably identified. You can also see whether the online store and the invoiced amount are correct. We do not process your credit card information at any stage, and we cannot charge your credit card on your behalf. The payment transaction is kept totally confidential and the transaction information is only passed from our service provider to your card issuer.

When paying from a PayPal account or by online bank transfer, the webshop only processes information supplied by the service provider that is necessary for recording the payment transaction.

If you have problems paying with your credit card, you should contact your card issuer. The credit card issuer may have restricted the use of the card for online services. Studio Tuumat Oy does not accept responsibility for payment methods offered by other service providers or the functioning of these methods. If you wish to use other methods of payment (e.g. bank transfer from your bank account), please contact our Customer Care.

4.3 Paying for a continuous subscription after the first subscription period

Once you have taken out a continuous subscription to OTTOBRE design® magazine in our webshop, you can pay the invoices for the subsequent subscription periods using our online invoice payment form or pay the invoices directly into our account in a Finnish bank.

When paying by invoice, the customer bears all the costs arising from the payment transaction. Within the SEPA area, a payment from one country to another costs the same as a domestic payment. Outside the SEPA area, banks charge transaction fees for bank transfers. When making an international bank transfer, you must use the IBAN and BIC/SWIFT codes of the payee’s bank. You will find these at the bottom of the invoice you received.

Studio Tuumat Oy
Laajakaista 3B
FI-96400 Rovaniemi

Our invoices are payable within 14 days of the date of the invoice. Please note that non-payment of a subscription invoice is not interpreted as your termination of the subscription. If you wish to have more time for paying the invoice or want to terminate your subscription, contact our Customer Care without delay. We charge a handling fee of 4.00 euros for sending an overdue payment reminder. If the invoice remains unpaid after we have sent an overdue payment reminder, the debt will automatically be referred to a collection agency.

5 Acknowledgement of order

You will receive an automatic acknowledgement of your order by email immediately after you place the order in our webshop and make the payment as instructed (i.e. after you have returned to our website and confirmed your order following the payment process). The acknowledgement of order lists the products you ordered together with their prices and delivery charges. Always check the acknowledgement of your order carefully. If you notice errors in it, contact our Customer Care immediately.

If you fail to receive an acknowledgement of your order, please check that your payment has reached us. Also make sure that you remembered to return to our website and confirm your order after you made the payment. If necessary, please contact our Customer Care to check that our system has registered your order.

6 Delivery

6.1 Delivery methods and times

All orders are processed within 1-3 business days of placing the order, during which time the payment transactions will be recorded by our system. We will send an email to you as soon as your order has been processed and is ready for dispatch.

All back issues of the magazine that are included in an order will be dispatched straight after the order has been processed, and the pre-ordered issues will be dispatched according to the magazine’s publication schedule. If your order includes an annual subscription (a continuous or fixed-term subscription), the subscription will start as soon as the payment has been entered into our records. Depending on which issue you chose as the starting issue, you will receive the first issue of your subscription period straight away or according to the magazine’s publication schedule. Links to downloadable digital products are sent to you with the acknowledgement of your order.

We dispatch orders worldwide. The average delivery time to Finland is 5–7 business days, to Scandinavia 6–8 business days, to Central and Western Europe 6–10 business days, to France, Spain and Southern Europe 7–14 business days, and to countries outside Europe 7–30 business days. The orders are dispatched from Finland either as first-class letters or as parcels, depending on the size of the order. For logistic reasons, the order may be divided into several consignments, which may reach the customer at different times.

Depending on the domicile of the customer, we make use of international courier services (e.g. DHL) in addition to national postal services. Courier services promise to deliver the consignments personally to the recipient. Therefore it is essential that when placing your order you provide a phone number where you can be reached during the daytime. We also need to know the email address that you use regularly, so that we can inform you about possible changes in the publication schedule or distribution of the magazine.

All orders for four or more magazine issues destined for continental Europe will for the time being be sent by parcel post. A tracking code will be sent to the email address that you provided in your order, so that you can track the progress of your parcel online.

6.2 Problems with delivery

The responsibility for the correctness of the name and address information lies with the customer. Studio Tuumat Oy / the webshop does not accept responsibility for such problems with delivery that are caused by the customer supplying us with incorrect or incomplete information regarding the name and address.

Studio Tuumat Oy / the webshop does not accept responsibility for such delays in delivery that are caused by unexpected or unforeseen events beyond its control, such as a labor strike affecting the field of business or circumstances amounting to force majeure. Force majeure events include, for example, various natural catastrophes, war or official interventions that prevent business operations.

Studio Tuumat Oy / the webshop does not accept responsibility for any indirect damage caused by a delay in delivery. The responsibility of Studio Tuumat Oy is in all cases limited to the value of the order.

7 Change of contact information

Please notify us about a change of the name, delivery address or email address of the payer / the recipient of an annual subscription at least six weeks before the next issue of the magazine is published. The change of the delivery address will become effective within four weeks. Provided the notification is made in good time, the change will be effective as from the following issue. We will not re-send to a new address magazines that have been returned to us by post as undeliverable. We do not accept responsibility for the customer not receiving files or links sent by email if the email address is incorrect or incomplete.

Notify us about changes in your contact information using this service form.

8 Change of a subscription option

As a rule, if you change your subscription package (options: kids, women, or kids + women issues) and/or your subscription type (a continuous or fixed-term subscription) it will take effect at the start of your next subscription period. Inform us about the desired changes using our service form at the latest when you receive a reminder from us about the start of a new subscription period.

If you change your subscription package in the middle of a subscription period to a package that includes fewer issues, there is no refund on the already paid subscription fee; however, this will be taken into account in the price for the next subscription period. If you extend your subscription package, you will be charged the difference between the already paid subscription package and the new, extended package.

9 Termination of an existing continuous subscription

A continuous subscription is automatically renewed until you decide to terminate it. We will remind you about the start of a new subscription period by email about six weeks before sending a new invoice to allow you time to decide whether you want to continue the subscription.

Your will have the following options:

  • If you wish to continue your subscription, no action is required. We will automatically send you an invoice for the next subscription period. You can pay the invoice as instructed in section 4.3 of these terms and conditions.
  • If you wish to terminate your continuous subscription, you must give notice of termination at the latest when you receive a reminder about the start of a new subscription period. The termination will become effective four weeks after your notice. Make sure that you give your notice in good time! After the termination of your subscription, you will be charged the single-issue price and delivery charges for any issues belonging to the next subscription period that were delivered to you before the termination became effective. Non-payment of an invoice is not interpreted as your termination of the subscription. Terminate a continuous subscription.

A fixed-term subscription is for one year and expires at the end of the paid subscription period without separate notice of termination.

10 Cancellation of a magazine subscription taken out in the webshop

Under the distance selling regulations of the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, an annual subscriber resident in the EU has the right to cancel a magazine subscription purchased online within 14 days of receiving the first issue of the magazine. Any issue/issues delivered to the subscriber before the cancellation will be charged at the price of a single issue plus delivery charges.

Alternatively, the subscriber can return the delivered issue/issues, after which the subscription payment is refunded. The right of return only applies to unused products that are in their original packaging and in a re-saleable condition. The subscriber is responsible for the returning costs. The webshop is not obliged to refund the payments until it has received the returned issues or the subscriber proves that they have been sent back.

The right of cancellation does not apply to single issue orders and digitally delivered products.

Cancel a magazine subscription.

11 Returning a product ordered from the webshop

11.1 General

Under the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, a customer who is resident in the EU has the right to return products purchased from the webshop within 14 days. The right of return only applies to unused products that are in their original packaging and in a re-saleable condition. The right of return does not apply to single issue orders, free gifts for subscribers, digitally delivered products, and fabrics cut to order or other similar products that are customized to the customer’s specifications.

The products must be returned without delay within 14 days of their receipt. Please notify us about the return of the products before sending them off. Notify about the return of products.

The customer is primarily responsible for the return costs. See also section 12, Complaints.

11.2 Returning products

When returning products, enclose your order number, name and address as well as a free-form message about the return. Send the products to:

Studio Tuumat Oy c/o Vivi Point Oy
Vistantie 19
FI-21530 Paimio

Please obtain a certificate of posting from the post office.

11.3 Refunding the payment

We will refund your payment for duly returned products. Make a refund request on our service form at the same time as you notify us about cancelling your order and returning the products.

We will credit the credit card or PayPal payments to your credit card or PayPal account.

We need the following information for refunding the payments:

  • name of the refund recipient
  • email address of the refund recipient when the refund is credited to a PayPal account
  • customer number of the refund recipient / invoice or order number
  • specification of the returned products

We also need the following information when the refund is credited to a bank account:

  • bank account number (IBAN) and name and address of the bank of the refund recipient

The payment will be credited to your account after an order has been cancelled and possible product returns have been received and processed.

12 Complaints

12.1 Faulty or incorrect product

If the product is faulty or if you have received an incorrect product, please contact our Customer Care within reasonable time. The matter will be rectified by either repairing the faulty product or part of it or replacing the product with a faultless or correct product. If the matter cannot be rectified, the customer has the right to receive a price discount that corresponds to the fault in the product, or the contract of sale can be cancelled. However, the contract of sale cannot be cancelled on the basis of a minor fault in the product, such as an inconspicuous scratch that has no effect on the use of the product.

12.2 Other complaints

You are always welcome to directly contact our Customer Care in all matters concerning ordering and delivery of products from our webshop and paying for them.

Studio Tuumat Oy / OTTOBRE design® does not accept responsibility for such indirect damage that may be caused by printing or other errors in the magazines, including the pattern sheets and instructions, or in other products available in the webshop.

Studio Tuumat Oy reserves the right to change the prices, delivery charges and other terms and conditions.

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