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Rules of the myOTTOBRE campaign for readers

Rules of the myOTTOBRE campaign for readers

1 Organizer

The myOTTOBRE campaign for readers is organized by the publisher of the OTTOBRE design® magazine: Studio Tuumat Oy, Rantavitikantie 33, 96300 Rovaniemi, Finland.

2 Terms of participation

Any person over the age of 18 can participate in the campaign. Participants under 18 need consent from their parent or guardian for participation. Persons participating in the campaign may be rewarded with product prizes. Those prizes that are in digital format will be delivered to recipients by email. Employees of Studio Tuumat Oy or their family members cannot participate in the campaign.

3 Participation

A person can participate in the campaign by entering a sewing-themed story, images or the URL of his or her personal blog in the campaign form on the website of the OTTOBRE design® magazine at www.ottobredesign.com.

The content that is entered in the campaign must be produced by the participant, or the participant must have permission for publishing the content from its copyright holder.

It is also possible to participate in the campaign via the Instagram app using the hashtag #myOTTOBRE. When participating via Instagram, please also fill in the campaign form on the website of the OTTOBRE design® magazine in order to receive a digital sewing pattern as a token of thanks. Note that your profile must be set to public to enable us to share your posting on Instagram.

4 Campaign period

The period of participation in the myOTTOBRE campaign begins on November 11, 2020 and ends on January 24, 2021. Postings by participants via Instagram may be shared on the Instagram account of OTTOBRE design® already during the campaign period. Sewing stories will be published on the website of the OTTOBRE design® magazine after the campaign period. The best, award-winning stories will be published on the website of OTTOBRE design® by the end of February 2021.

5 Prize

As a token of thanks, Studio Tuumat Oy will send all participants a digital sewing pattern via email after the participant has filled in the entry form on the website of the OTTOBRE design® magazine. The digital pattern is intended only for personal use by the participant in the campaign.

In addition, Studio Tuumat Oy may award product prizes to participants who send the most inspiring sewing stories and photos. Product prizes will be delivered to the participants by Studio Tuumat Oy. Studio Tuumat Oy pays for the delivery of the prizes. Any possible import duties and taxes are the responsibility of the participant receiving the product prize.

6 Personal data

By participating in the campaign you agree that the campaign organizer (Studio Tuumat Oy) saves your name, address and email address in its customer register in order to send you the prize you might win or to contact you for some other reason. This contact information will not be published or used for other purposes.

The campaign organizer can also store the participant’s first name, pseudonym, nationality, sewing story and photos on the website, Facebook pages and Instagram account of the OTTOBRE design® magazine for possible publishing. The publishing of a participant’s content on the website of the OTTOBRE design® magazine will be separately agreed on with the participant. All personal data will be processed in compliance with the Finnish Data Protection Act currently in force.

7 Organizer’s liability

The campaign organizer (Studio Tuumat Oy) is not liable for possible damage or cost caused by the participation in the campaign or by the receipt and use of the campaign prize. Studio Tuumat Oy pays the statutory Finnish lottery tax on the campaign prizes.

8 Other terms

The campaign organizer (Studio Tuumat Oy) reserves the right to eliminate from the campaign persons violating these rules of participation.

The campaign is not administered, sponsored or recommended by Facebook or Instagram, and is not linked to Facebook or Instagram in any way.

The campaign organizer (Studio Tuumat Oy) reserves the right to amend these rules.

Rovaniemi, Finland

November 11, 2020

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