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About copyrights of OTTOBRE design® magazines

The following copyright notice appears in our magazine:

“The designs, instructions and patterns are only intended for personal use by sewing hobbyists. All commercial or industrial use is prohibited. The magazine, including the photographs, drawings, instructions, articles and patterns, are protected by copyright laws and the right of reproducing them by any means or in any form is exclusively reserved for the copyright holder. The copying of the material onto a device that can be used for duplicating it is also regarded as reproduction. Copyright © Studio Tuumat Oy, Rovaniemi, FINLAND. All rights reserved.”

What is the purpose of copyright?

The purpose of copyright is to protect producers of creative works, which in our case means protection of the rights of the creators of clothing designs, sewing patterns, instructions, drawings, photographs or translations to their own work and to exclusive use and distribution of the products of that work. Many countries have drawn up laws to protect intellectual property for two main reasons. First, the objective is to determine the moral and economic status of the works in order to enable their creators to make a living from their creative work. Second, the objective is to support creativity and to promote just and fair trading in products of creative work.

What does copyright protect?

Copyright grants the producer of a creative work, with certain restrictions, the exclusive rights to control his or her work and how it is reproduced and made available to the public, whether in the original or an altered form, in translation or as an adaptation, in another literary or artistic form, or through the use of another technique.

The publishing of a sewing pattern, instructions or a clothing design in the magazine or online does not give any outsider the right to violate the copyright protection for the creators of these works. Copyright protection also means that whenever reproductions (copies) of a work are made to be available to the public, the name of the creator of the work must be mentioned.

As a Finnish company, we are in compliance with the Finnish and EU legislation as well as with good ethical practice, and unequivocally reserve the right to decide who can use the sewing patterns, instructions, clothing designs, drawings, photos or translations that we publish, and how they can be used, for the purpose of financial gain. Otherwise all our patterns and photos would be subject to free exploitation by, for example, low-cost manufacturers or big clothing chains.

Who is the copyright and publishing rights holder of OTTOBRE design® magazine and website?

The copyrights and publishing rights of OTTOBRE design® kids, OTTOBRE woman® and OTTOBRE design® family magazines are administered and controlled by Studio Tuumat Oy, its subcontractors and Tuula Hepola (as rights holders). All clothing designs, sewing patterns, instructions, drawings, photos and translations published in our magazines are material that is protected by national and international copyright laws and treaties. Unauthorized use or distribution of the material, or any part of the material, contained in the magazines may be a breach of copyright, trademark and/or other laws and can lead to legal consequences.

All material contained on the ottobredesign.com website, including texts, graphics, logos, icons, photos, sewing patterns, sewing and knitting instructions, audio recordings, videos and other published content, is the property of Studio Tuumat Oy or its subcontractors or Tuula Hepola, and is also protected by the Finnish, EU and international copyright legislation. Unauthorized use or distribution of the material, or part of the material, contained on the website may be a breach of copyright, trademark and/or other laws and can lead to legal consequences.

What does copyright permit?

The copyright holder decides how the published material can be used within the framework of legislation. In our case, sewing hobbyists all over the world can and may use our patterns to sew clothes for themselves or their families. They are permitted to copy patterns for their own use from the pattern sheet that accompanies the magazine. Businesses that sell magazines may by our permission post photos of the cover pages of the magazines on sale on their websites. Our readers may also post individual photos from our magazine on social media in conjunction with posting their own comments or with displaying clothes that they have made using our patterns, provided the source of the photos is mentioned.

Using OTTOBRE design® patterns for teaching purposes: Students and members of hobby groups can copy our sewing patterns for their personal and private use from OTTOBRE design® magazine. However, clothing designs, instructions or patterns must in no case be copied, digitized, saved or published for further distribution.

Using OTTOBRE design® patterns for charity purposes: Our designs and patterns can be used for making clothes on a small scale for the purpose of being donated (free of charge) to charity. Such use must however be agreed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us on our customer service form.

What is not permitted?

OTTOBRE design® magazines, including the photos, drawings, clothing designs, sewing patterns and instructions contained in them, must not be copied for selling purposes, reproduced by any other means (e.g. posted on websites), distributed free of charge or for remuneration (e.g. on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram), or used for commercial purposes (e.g. by making clothes for sale or marketing purposes). This prohibition also applies to the material contained on the ottobredesign.com website, including the free patterns.

How can you be sure of the legitimacy of the OTTOBRE design® e-product that you downloaded?

That’s very easy because all e-products of OTTOBRE design® (e-patterns, e-magazines and free patterns) can be legally downloaded only from the ottobredesign.com website. We never authorize anybody else to sell or distribute our digital products. Copies of our products obtained from other websites are unequivocally illegitimate.

We kindly ask you to respect our copyrights and thus help to ensure the continuation of our work.

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