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Terms of Use

OTTOBRE design® online services terms of use

Welcome to the online services of OTTOBRE design® magazine. Please read the terms of use before using the online services.

The terms of service apply to the use of the website of OTTOBRE design® magazine at (the Service), which is provided and maintained by Studio Tuumat Oy (Ltd) (the Service Provider).

Accepting the terms of use

You can use the Service only in accordance with the existing terms of use, legislation and good practice. When visiting this website you accept the terms of use as set out below.

Rights and responsibilities regarding the use of the Service

The Service aims at being available online 24 hours on every day of the year. The Service offers both paid and free-of-charge content. Paid content comprises the products sold through the Service, and free content includes, for example, free patterns and tutorials. In order to purchase through the Service, you have to be 18 years old or have the written consent of a parent or a guardian.

All content on the Service (including the trademarks and brands) are the property of the Service Provider or its contracting parties. The content and design of the Service are protected by the copyright laws of Finland and by the international copyright conventions. All rights to the website and its content are reserved to the Service Provider unless otherwise stated on the Service or in any part of it.

Texts, photos, videos, design sketches, sewing instructions either in written or graphic form, or sewing patterns must not be reproduced, passed on, distributed or displayed in whole or in part for any purpose without the written consent of the Service Provider. The prohibition concerns all transfers whether for payment or free of charge, as well as situations where the Service is made available to a third party. The User has no right to create another work or service on the basis of the Service or any part of it.

The User has the right to use the content of the Service for personal use with no commercial objective. For this purpose the User has the right to print out a part of the Service or save a copy of it on his or her own computer or device.

The Service offers the possibility of sharing content on social media networks (through Share buttons of various social media applications). Such sharing by linking to a part of the Service is not considered to be in conflict with the terms of use of the Service. However, the User must, when sharing content on social media, include or, if necessary, add the information about the copyrights and other rights to the material.

The User is liable to compensate the Service Provider and possible other parties for any misuse or action that is against the law or the terms.

Limitations of liability

While aiming at providing a Service that is of the highest possible quality, the Service Provider cannot guarantee the accuracy or correctness of the Service or be held liable for such technical problems or disruptions in the communications network, occurring when the Service is used, that are beyond the control of the Service Provider.

The Service aims to be available in as many of the languages as possible in which OTTOBRE design® magazine is published. However, parts of the Service may only be available in certain languages.

The Service Provider reserves the right to change, modify, remove or expand the Service or parts of it without prior notice or liability for compensation. The Service Provider reserves the right at any time to block access to the website, or entirely or partly close the website.

The Service may include sections the use of which is governed by terms or guidelines that are separately specified on the Service. The services of third parties provided through the Service may involve further terms that are specified on the website of each service and that the User must separately accept when using these services.

The use of external websites linked to the Service are governed by the terms of use of those websites.

Information security

The Service Provider or its contracting parties are not liable for any possible damage caused to the User through the use of the Service or through the use of the Service being prevented.

The User is liable for the protection and information security of his or her own devices and systems. The User must take every reasonable effort to make sure that the material he or she sends to the Service does not contain viruses or is not otherwise harmful or illegal.

If the User causes, intentionally or unintentionally, the Service to be infected by a virus or other malicious software, he or she is liable to compensate the Service Provider and other affected parties for the damage.

Use of personal data

The Service Provider processes the personal data collected in conjunction with the use of the Service in accordance with the description of the data file containing the customer register of OTTOBRE design® magazine and controlled by Studio Tuumat Oy, as well as in accordance with privacy protection laws.


The Service uses cookies to enhance the user experience when visiting the website. Cookies are small text files that the Service Provider’s server sends to the User’s web browser, making it possible for the User to navigate the Service. Cookies process the data that they record anonymously and are therefore not used to collect or save the User’s personal data.

The Service uses PHP cookies (session cookies) that expire as soon as the User stops browsing the website, and they will not be permanently stored on the User’s computer. In addition, the Google Analytics tool is used to monitor the use of the Service. On the basis of the data obtained by the tool, the performance of the Service can be analyzed and improved.

The User can, if he or she wishes, control the use of the browser cookies. Further information on online privacy protection.

Cookie Declaration

Material sent by the User

The User is responsible for ensuring that he or she possesses the required copyrights and other rights to the material he or she sends to the Service, as well as that the material is fit for publication and complies with the law and good practice. The User agrees not to pursue any claims against the Service Provider regarding the material he or she has sent to the Service.

The Service Provider can, if it chooses, publish the material sent by the User in whole or in part without liability for compensation or any other liability, or attach the material or parts of it to some other material, service or product.

Amendments to the terms of use and notification of amendments

The Service Provider reserves the right to amend the terms of use for the Service at any time. Notification of amendments to the terms of use will be published on the Service. The User accepts the amendments to the terms of use by continuing the use of the Service.

Applicable law

The terms of use for the Service are governed by Finnish law.

Contact information of the Service Provider

Studio Tuumat Oy (Ltd) / OTTOBRE design®
Laajakaista 3B
FI-96400 Rovaniemi
Phone: +358 44 325 0407

We reserve the right to amend the terms of use.

July 8, 2024

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