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Laura, Englanti

Laura on kohdannut haasteita yrittäessään löytää lapselleen sopivan kokoisia vaatteita. Nyt hän kertoo ylpeänä ja onnellisena ommelleensa lehtemme kaavoilla yli puolet tyttärensä vaatekaapin sisällöstä! Tarinassaan Laura kertoo myös laadun, vastuullisuuden ja ekologisuuden olevan itselleen tärkeitä arvoja. Nämä ideologiat ovatkin nyt osa koko kodin arkea. Ihailemme Lauran tarinaa ja arvostamme hänen panostaan koko perheen elämän muuttamisessa ekologisempaan suuntaan!



Greetings from rainy England! MyOttobre journey started when I was pregnant with my daughter, Aurora. I bought my very first issue of the magazine, 6/2018, and soon after, I became a subscriber. I am relatively new at sewing, having made only a few items for myself before I got pregnant.

I learned about the magazine from a youtuber(Johanna from The Last Stitch) who did a sewing mag round up.
I was instantly drawn to the photos of kids laughing merrily or otherwise focusing really hard on playtime.
My daughter weighed 5,04 kg at birth and we struggled finding well fitting clothes from the start. So came the decision to try my hand at making her clothes. Even now that she has grown into a happy toddler we can rarely find affordable RTW clothes that fit and are a decent quality.



The first thing I sewed for my baby girl was the coverall from the 4/2019 issue and the adorable booties (which are now in my treasured keepsake box). At the moment, I am proud and happy to say that more than half of my daughters clothes are made by me from Ottobre magazines! I love the cleverness of Ottobre patterns. They are quick to make and the cuts always feel modern.

I have learned so much about the importance of quality, sustainable fabrics since sewing with Ottobre. Reading the editorial from the newly received kids spring issue, I realise that this ideology has undeniably impacted other aspects of our home life too, from the toys we buy our daughter, to the repurposing of items and clothing that no longer serve us, instead of throwing them away.



I found myself slowly adding more issues of Ottobre Woman and all the issues of Ottobre family to my collection(!). I am hoping that in the near future, I will pride myself with a substantial collection of ”me made” clothes for myself and my husband.

Last but not least, I would like to mention that I love reading the editorial. It gives an insight on the thought behind a collection, and it captures the mood and feeling of the moment it is written in. Thank you so much for making this magazine possible! Looking forward to celebrating the next Ottobre anniversary with you!

All the best, Laura



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