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7/2019, family, single issue
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OTTOBRE design® family is a wonderful sewing magazine where you’ll find patterns for the whole family. Each issue has 8–10 designs for men plus designs for teenagers who are in between the adults’ and children’s sizes. There are also special designs, such as plus-size clothes and maternity wear. The full-size patterns are printed on four large pattern sheets.
Sizes: women 32-44, 46-56, men 46-56 (European sizing system)



In regular sizes: A viscose jumpsuit, cropped chinos, a T-shirt and a merino sweater. In plus sizes: A gorgeous jersey tunic, figure-hugging jeggings and a cozy hoodie dress. Sizes 32–44 and 46–56


For him: A fabulous corduroy jacket, a merino turtleneck sweater, two practical pairs of pants, a striped T-shirt, a two-color cotton chambray shirt, a chunky hand-knitted merino scarf, and a Jacques Cousteau style garter-stitch beanie. For her: Two elegant skirts and a classic, lightweight organic-cotton lawn shirt. Sizes 32–44 for women and 46–56 for men


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OTTOBRE lab 7/2019

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