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Spring/Summer 2/2012, woman, single issue
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OTTOBRE design® woman is a fabulous sewing pattern magazine for women who love timeless, practical clothes! Our charming, delightful designs are spiced up with a slight Scandinavian twist. We want to help our readers to succeed in their hobby and encourage them to sew clothes that they feel comfortable with and that make them happy just as they are! Each issue includes 18–20 designs with comprehensive sewing instructions. The full-size patterns are printed on four large pattern sheets.
Sizes 34–52 (European sizing system).



Dresses with a touch of the good old days and a pinch of bohemian. A sweet vintage-style chemise, light summer dresses and a romantic special-occasion dress. An elegant, feminine sleeveless dress and a beautifully-textured viscose-jersey jacket for special occasions for the grown-up woman. Sizes 34–46 and 34–52


Clothes for sporty, active women. An easy-to-make coat, two pairs of pants, a top and a tunic. An ultra-light tunic blouse with a floaty hemline, a sleeveless dress and a light viscose-jersey cardigan. Bermuda shorts, a wrap-around skirt and snazzy tops. A wide range of sizes! Sizes 34–48 and 34–52


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OTTOBRE lab 2/2012

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